Fighting love

You, you are my person
Fate brought you to me
And I have loved you

I still love you
Through my fears and budding resentments
I think you are a beautiful being

Maybe I am holding on too tightly
And this clinging is what
Makes me feel that I am suffocating

I think I know what love is
But I have not mastered its permanence
So what have I been giving you in between?

Too much responsibility
I gave you too much responsibility to alleviate my fears

Too much power
I gave you too much power over my feelings of self worth

I gave you all my time

I burned out all my feelings on you

I gave you sole control over my insecurities

Although we still have love
It is noisy
In this bed of fears

A part of me still holds out
For a healthier kind of love
One that makes us actually feel good
Most of the time

I’ve had someone treat me better
That I didn’t really love
And now you
That I love beyond my ability to breathe
And so I choose this gasping life

I cannot dream of anyone else
And pray only that
You and I
Can learn to love
And breathe
Better together


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