It’s easier to write a check, than to have a conversation
It’s easier to share a page or write a Facebook post
Than it is to call my father
I can pour my heart out to a room of 200 people
But I don’t know how to be a big sister
I can multi-task and out manage
I can hold my own against anyone, my confidence is sickening
But when I see my friend’s lives falling apart, what do I say?

Doctors work long hours, incredible feats for their patients
Soldiers go to war, selflessly sacrificing
Teachers mentoring the most challenging of students
Firemen, policemen facing death
Or the entrepreneur, the innovator, the scientist
Propelling society forward

But who is taking care of our families
We are so busy trying to make the world a better place
Is anyone taking care of each other
Maybe we wouldn’t need charities at all
If I could just turn around and love the ones I’ve been given


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